This stuff has a huge underground following. Luna

With superior control of early blight, Luna® is gaining a lot of fans.

Left untreated, early blight can be destructive, causing up to 20 percent crop loss. Luna®’s unique chemistry controls resistant strains of Alternaria solani and maintains outstanding control where other products are failing due to resistance to boscalid and/or strobilurin. Luna Tranquility is the most effective tool available to combat early blight, with recent trials reducing severity of the disease to below two percent – exceeding the efficacy of the current grower standard.

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Effects of early blight.  

Luna Benefits

» Exceptional Efficacy
Proven effectiveness in several years of field trials against diseases including early blight and white mold to provide control equal or superior to current leading fungicides.

» Flexible Application Methods
Luna is highly effective on all labeled diseases, whether applied by air, ground or chemigation.

» Recommended Rotational Option
Luna Tranquility provides growers with an excellent rotational fit with other available fungicides for resistance management.
  Herb Young
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Herb Young, product manager for Luna, discusses how Luna Tranquility helps growers protect their crop investments from a variety of potato diseases including early blight.

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